Murky Water Makes for a Murky Mind

The lake has been very murky lately...   The monsters that lie beneath it are swimming frantically as I try to keep my head above the water. They swarm my senses as my head starts to dip under the surface of the lake. Everything becomes fuzzy. Sounds travel faster to my eardrums. My heart begins to... Continue Reading →

Dive in with me(or don’t)

Dive in with me(or don't)   When you jump into a pool, do you gradually get in to get your body used to the change in temperature or do you dive head first and just deal with it? Either way you go about it, you're going to get wet. That being said, come in the... Continue Reading →

And So the Journey Begins

  Prepare Yourselves... Thank you all for joining me on the journey to the center of my psyche. This may be an unpredictable and treacherous journey so hold on to your seats. I don't want you to fall into my thoughts. They can be quite dark and scary sometimes. Come with me on a journey... Continue Reading →

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