Dive in with me(or don’t)

Dive in with me(or don’t)


When you jump into a pool, do you gradually get in to get your body used to the change in temperature or do you dive head first and just deal with it? Either way you go about it, you’re going to get wet.

That being said, come in the water however you please; just don’t drown. It can get deep without you noticing and all of the sudden you’re tied to a cinder block in the middle of a lake wishing you never got in the water.

Where is my mind? A question that the Pixies and I ask repeatedly. Honestly, I am not sure. I’ve wanted to go on this journey into my psyche for ages but I have been scared. I see it from a surface level every day of my life. I know what it is capable of. We could get lost along the way but the journey must go on. Maybe if you come with me, I can get to the bottom of this. I can find a way to keep my head above water until the rescue boat comes to save me.

The real issue here is that you all don’t know what is out there in the water. Who blindly gets into the lake without knowing what’s on the bottom? Oh wait, EVERYONE. Do you inspect the bottom of the lake and it’s contents before jumping in and enjoying yourself? I didn’t. Apparently there isn’t just fish in these waters. The monsters that nip at my toes while I try to enjoy my day in the lake have never let up. I had to teach myself to keep my head above water but after a while, I get tired and the monsters never sleep. They like to remind me what it’s like when the grab a hold of me and pull me down with them.

The lake isn’t what it seems on the surface…


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